Loke HD150 Cardan

HD150 Cardan Loke

HD150 Loke

For practical purposes suitable for enginepower up to approx. 500 Hp.

For full planing vessels 600 Hp


HD150 Cardan Loke

The 121 to 150 Series are built for pleasure and commercial crafts.
The numbers given are for pleasure boats which are used less than 200 hours pr year.
If one intend to use these sizes for commercial boats, the numbers must be reduced by 25%. Models  121 and 130 have spherical bearings. That makes the installation a lot easier.  Max angle is around 4° Type 142 and 150 have none-spherical bearings.
Need of a lifetime calculation? Call customer service.
All models are made for one specific shaft diameter. Principally any diameter can be
supplied. The shafts have to be cut for a length 2 – 5 mm longer than to the end of the clamp unit. All models are available as CAD drawings on our homepage www.hydradrive.no

The driveshafts can be supplied in any length. The type given is the standard shortest
version. Driveshafts with center bearing are also available for extra long shafts.
Adapters for all types of gearboxes are available. All types are specified in the pricelist.
Specials can be custom made for all models.
The practical difference to the smaller versions (105-115) is the  clamp cylinder for higher torques.
The model 150 is equipped with a cardan style driveshaft. This solution can transmit a much higher torque than a CV shaft. It has to be installed with two equal angles. The CV shafts can take two different angles.  The CV shaft is a technically better solution, but the cardan type is more reliable. To achieve a very long lifetime ( thousands of hours ) the CV style is not a good solution, as the sizes then have to be very large, and very unpractical
( and very expensive! )

HD121 – 130  Thrust Bearing Unit

HD121 - 130 Thrust Bearing Unit
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