Balder HD108

HD108 Balder

HD108 Balder

For practical purposes suitable for enginepower up to approx. 50 Hp


HD108 Balder

The 105 to 115 Series are designed mainly for pleasure craft.
The specifications given are for pleasure boats (used less than 200 hours per year). For commercial applicat-ions, we recommend going up one size. Thrust bearings for all models have bearings which allow misalignment, which greatly simplifies installation. The maximum allowable misalignment is around 4°. All models are made for
shaft diameters indicated in the specifications. Any diameter can be supplied. The shafts must be cut to a length 2 – 5 mm longer than the distance to the end of the clamp unit.CAD drawings for all models are available on our homepage.

Drive shafts can be supplied in any length. The shortest standard is shown in the specifications. Drive shafts with a center bearing are also available for extra long shafts. Adapters for most gearboxes are available, and are specified in the pricelist. Custom adapters can be made for all models.

HD 108 adapters

Part numberMakeDiameter A mm/InchesNo. of holesBolt diameter mm/InchesBolt circle diameter B mm/InchesPilot diameter C
HD33113001B/W, PRM, ZF-Hurth, Technodrive101.6/4.00410.0/0.3982.55/3.2563.5/2.5
HD33113003B/W, PRM, ZF-Hurth, Twin Disc146.0/5.75612.7/0.50120.6/4.7576.2/3.00
HD33113004B/W,PRM, ZF-Hurth101.6/4.00410.00/0.3982.55/3.2563.5/2.50
HD33113006Twin Disc, ZF-Hurth146.0/5.75616.0/0.63120.6/4.7576.2/3.00
HD33113009B/W, PRM, ZF-Hurth, Volvo127.0/5.00411.2/0.44107.9/4.2563.5/2.50
Hydradrive adapter messures
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